Barcelona´s Erotic Film Festival

Onlookers, porn stars, fans and sex world´s professionals have an unavoidable appointment at one of the most important "erotic" film festivals in Europe. Photo cameras, camcorders and mobile phones with integrated camera are taking the chief role in to give a free hand to the most hidden passions, taking provoking images of a business that moves hundreds of millions dollars, despite few people admits consume its products.
Two men go into the show Some men take pictures to a Stripper Men shoot to a Stripper Shemale watches show during the festival An old man stares at a porn star The audience takes part In many shows
A youngster takes pictures of a show Nicoletta Blue, pornstar Photo session to a japanese actress A member of the audience films a show The crowd around a stripper A member of the audience films a show
A pornstar signs autographs A man gets a picture with a pornstar Pornstar´s high-heeled shoes Fog in a show Erotic sweets Erotic sweets