Life in the Saharan Refugge Camps

Lining exiled in one of the most arid areas of the world, Saharan population has a present inmersed in monotony and an unkown future. In the mean time they are waiting for an UN´s resolution to fix a date for the promised self-determination referendum and to concile with Morocco.
A woman goes to feed her goats, February 27 Camp Two girls receiving class in "October 12" Boarding School Women in Aaiun Camp Break time in the Special Education School, Aaiun Camp Computing Class for women, Olof Palme School Photography class, Aaiun Camp
Dinning Room, October 12 Boarding School Bedid shows her grandmother portrait, Aaiun Camp Petrol Station, Rabouni Camp Siesta time, February 27 Camp Boys at play, Aaiun Camp A woman in the Ophtalmologic Centre, Rabouni Camp
Fadel works in his workshop, Aaiun Camp Friends´ meeting, Rabouni Camp A doctor treats a child in the Hospital, Aaiun Camp House for land mines´ affected Former battle field, close to the Separation Wall, made by Morocco, wich divides Western Sahara sahara18