Madrid´s San Isidro Bullfair

Madrid celebrates its saint patron, San Isidro, every May with the most important Bullfighting Fair in the world in Las Ventas bullring. During three weeks get together the best bullfighters.
Souvenirs for the tourists outside the Bullring Las Ventas Bullring before the feast Picador before the bullfight Picadores before the bullfight Las Ventas´ Chapel, where bullfighters pray before the bullfight An asistant (C) looks to César Rincón as he signs an autograph
"Almohadillero" (Cushion seller) sells cushions before the bullfight A man walks toward the bullring to watch the show Workers preparing the arena people watch the show A bullfighter and bull sanisidro 140
The crowd watches the show as they drink Scotch The crowd watches the show Bullfighter Eduardo Gallo, from Spain, as he is being goring by a bull A man talks by his cell during a pause the crowd open their umbrellas as the rain starts sanisidro 210
bullfigher César Rincón, from Colombia, as he fights the bull A bull up to die After the bull die the bullfighter takes off the sword the crowd asking for the bull´s ear, the maximum triumph for a bullfighter Bullfighter "El Cid" after his succed. the crowd leaves Las Ventas Bullring