Istambul. One city, two worlds

stanbul is one of the truly great romantic cities, its skyline studded with domes, minarets and skyscrapers living together. In this city are joined tradition and modernity trying to preserve its legacy (from the Romans to the Ottoman Empire) and, at the same time, don´t go backwards in the rapprochement to the European Union.
A woman walks in Central Istambul Reflection of a modern tram A boy plays in an old tram Taskim area People around Grand Bazaar Fishermen in Eminonu dock
Beads seller, Beyazit Mosque Children swiming at the Golden Horn. Eminonu dock istambul 100 View from Galata Tower A street seller waits for the ferry arrival from the business district
Skyscrapers with Turkish flag Bustle in Asiatic side Two men talk at üsküdar pier Youngsters though the popular Istiklal Cad Street A woman walks thought a street of Beyazit, a traditional neighborhood Tube in a bussiness district
A man smokes a waterpipe in a tearoom