Rigoberta for president in Guatemala, 2007

Rigoberta Menchu, winner of the Noble Peace prize in 1992, in 2007 Guatemala's first female and indigenous candidate for president in Guatemala. Her campaign emphasizes equality for all people in Guatemala, particularly the majority Mayan population and women. She is the leader of a new political party named "Encuentro por Guatemala" (Meeting for Guatemala).
Juanita makes flags for the Campaing in Rigoberta Menchu´s House. Rigoberta cooks tamales for her breakfast just before to start an exhausting 3 days tour through San Marcos region Rigoberta greets a woman in Tacana village Rigoberta Menchu greets a man Rigoberta Menchu speaks in Ixehiguan village, San Marcos region Rigoberta Menchu walks through the town of Ixehiguan, San Marco´s region
Rigoberta Menchu buys some fruits in  Ixehiguán´s Market Encuentro por Guatemala´s supporters  go to a rally in San Geronimo village Rigoberta´s retinue arrives at Comitancillo, San Marcos region People atend to a rally in Ixehiguán village A man holds a Encuentro por Guatemala flag as a boy cleans his boots Guatemala City´s Central Square aspect during a rally of Encuentro por Guatemala
People attend a rally of Encuentro por Guatemala in San Geronimo village Rigoberta walks though Tacana´s market, San Marcos region as she greets the people Indigenous people attend the rally in Comitancillo village Rigoberta speaks in Comintacillo village Rigoberta Menchu leaves Amparo village after her speech Nineth Montenegro (L), Rigoberta Menchu and Fernando Montenegro greet to the audience during the last meeting of the campaign