Heritage of Horror

“After the prisoner confessed and the proper paper work had been filled out and signed I would put the prisoner in a cell and shackle their hands and feet. When it was time to take them I would stand outside their cell and shout their name. They would answer. I’d then unlock the door and their shackles. If they shouted or screamed as I walked them down the stairs I hit them with a stick. I’d try and get them into the back of the truck but they would often resist and shout.
When the truck was full it would be driven to the killing fields. 〔...〕One day I had brought 5 prisoners there and had taken all their details, as was my job. Comrade Dutch (the prison governor) was there and when I walked away he called me back. He gave me an iron bar and I hit each of them on the back of the head. I hit hard and they fell, one by one, into the pit. Normally I just took down their details. I only ever killed 5 people, that is all, only the once”

A guard of S21 prison, Cambodia
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