Cambodian Children of Pain

The main causes of disability in Cambodia are polio and land mines. Arrupe Centre is a Jesuit house-school placed in the city of Battambang, for those who were mutilated by landmines and affected by Polio.Cambodia is one of the most heavily mined areas in the world; some estimates run as high as 10 million mines (in a country of 11.5 million people).

This legacy of three decades of war had taken a severe toll on the Cambodian people; some 40,000 people live as amputees, one of the highest rates in the world. ?Moreover Cambodian authorities declared Cambodia free of polyomielitis in 2001, although this disease was endemic during the past years and caused a huge shock in a poor and rural population such as Cambodian. Nowadays a lot of children are suffering its consequences.
A lad under the monsoon rain. Arrupe a house-school in Battambang, Cambodia. A boy doing a handstand. Arrupe a house-school in Battambang, Cambodia. Seth, 16 years old, he can´t use his legs because he had polio when he was a baby. Instead of that he drives his wheelchair like an expert. CAMBODIA 04 Prothesis. Two disabled boys playing football.
Channeng washes his clothes. A boy reads a book. CAMBODIA 09 CAMBODIA 10 wheelchairs. CAMBODIA 12
Playing cards. Seth under the monsoon rain.