Chernobyl 25 years on

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place in the early hours of April the 26th, 1986, when the fourth reactor exploded contaminating, not only Ukraine else many parts of Europe. Only security officials and accredited personnel are allowed to enter the 30 kilometers exclusion zone around Chernobyl where the radiation is still leaking.

But in the outside areas the life is not easy. Despite the radiation, thousands of people still live there. Contaminated areas are predominantly agricultural and there is no reliable information about the current radiological and environmental conditions, which constitutes a potential risk to their health. Most of those who remained in the zone are poorly skilled and many are unemployed. Besides the lack of young people has an additional impact on the income of these areas, that has to depend on the poorly valued effort of elderly people, working mostly in the land.

Also the 25th anniversary coincides with other Nuclear Disaster happened in the Nuclear Plant of Fukushima, Japan, which is threatening to be at least as serious as Chernobyl´s.

The fourth Reactor : futbol Gas Masks in a abandoned School of Pripyat.  Pripyat was the greatest city evacuated. : futbol A dead magpie inside the exclusion zone : futbol Big wheel of Pripyat. Pripyat was the greatest city evacuated. : futbol A basketball court in Pripyat. : futbol An unfinished refrigeration tower : futbol
A view of Pripyat, the greatest city evacuated 25 years ago when fourth reactor of Chernobyl´s Nuclear Power Station (at the bottom) blew up Graveyard inside the Exclusion Zone : futbol Decontamination Control to can leave the Exclusion Zone. : futbol Elena´s wedding in Ivankiv City.  Ivankiv is located 30km from the Forbidden Zone. Alexey´s family toast with vodka in Sukachi Village. As a consequence of the situation in the area (unemployment, bad health, etc.) alcoholism is very common among the local population. Zoryn Village, this town adjoin the Exclusion Zone : futbol
Celebration in Orane Village, 35 km from Chernobyl : futbol A man takes grapes to eat despite authorities warm to don´t eat products from the land because they can be contaminated. A wedding party in Ivankiv, around 40km from Chernobyl : futbol Despite authorities warn to don´t eat products from the Chernobyl surrounding areas, local people is really poor and they do to survive : futbol Children play in Orane Village : futbol Black humor : futbol