New heart for Hugo

Hugo was 10 months old when he was taken for emergency treatment at a Hospital in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) due to a heart disease. News for his parents, Deiva (31) and Alex (28), couldn’t be worse: Hugo needed to be transferred to La Paz Hospital in Madrid for a heart transplant, 2.000 km from their hometown and a sea in between.  

In Madrid, all the family including Hugo´s sister, Daniela (5), started a distressing wait during which Alex was fired from his job. They started living in a house provided by a NGO because they weren’t able to afford all the expenses.

Six months later, on August 22, came the good news: there was a possible heart donor. When a doctor confirmed that it was a compatible heart, Hugo´s room was fulfilled by happiness.

The tension came again when the parents farewelled Hugo, this could be the last time they see him alive. The surgery started. While at the operation room everyone kept calm, the waiting room was a bundle of nerves. After almost 5 hours the family had the best news ever: surgery was a success. Hugo had 19 surgical staples covering the most beautiful wound in the world, according to Deiva´s words.

Two months later they moved back to their home in the Canary Islands, where Hugo can lead a regular life and play at the beach.


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